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Day Six: Money Isn’t Everything…

At some point, your life will become less about what’s pricey, than it is about what’s priceless. Be sure to save the best parts of you for the moment when that happens.

People are far too obsessed with labels these days. It’s all about whose name your wearing: If it’s not (insert latest designer name here), then it’s garbage. Or, if you’re still wearing shoes by so and so, then you need to get caught up.

Well, my philosophy has always been, if it feels good, looks good, and the price is right, then I’m all over it—but I realize I’m in the minority. The point is, trends change. What was hot a year ago is not likely as hot now and chasing after what’s “in” is bound to drive you crazy at some point.

You have to begin to understand the part of you that isn’t obsessed or concerned about the materials you possess. You have to become cognizant that, in order to grow, you have to be deeper than the surface.


Well, believe it or not, at some point material things will play a secondary role in your life.  You’ll want more for yourself than just a nod of approval from your “crew”. You’ll want to know that you are respected—no matter who you’re wearing—because you are a person of quality and dignity.

Am I saying that there’s something evil or wrong with wearing designer clothing? Absolutely not. But, when you take those labels and make them a criteria for judging the worth of yourself or others, then that’s a problem.

It may sound cheesy but, in the long term, what do you want people to say about you when you’re gone: that you were a great dresser or you were a great person?

Think about it.

Day Five: Change Is….Good?

People are who they are. You can try and change them but, in your attempts at doing so, ask yourself this: would you be open to someone trying to change you?

You hear a lot of chatter, particularly in relationships, about a person who seems unwilling to compromise. He or she just isn’t willing to bend long enough to understand “my perspective”, “my needs”, or “my point of view”. The belief behind that is simple: if they do things my way, things would be much better between us.

Understand something, most people aren’t willing to be changed by any one person. They feel good about who they are and what they’ve done and, honestly, if their philosophy on life and dealing with people has, successfully, gotten them this far, why should they feel that doing things your way will be any better?

The important thing to do when you recognize an incompatibility, is to see just how much of an issue it truly is in your relationship. Is it a deal-breaker? Does it truly change the dynamic of your communication approach so much that you find yourself unhappy? Is it something you simply cannot live with?

If the answer to any of those questions is a solid yes, perhaps the only change you should be making is in the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with.

Nobody is perfect, so the best decision you can make for yourself where relationships are concerned is to not allow your time to be wasted by any one who isn’t on the same page as you because, no matter what your circumstance, we are all worthy of a life more divine than the one we’ll just settle for.

Day Four: Free Thinking Individual…

Your mind is Your own. You can think what You like, have an opinion on whatever You want, and know that there is very little that any one can do about it.

The beauty of living in a free country is you don’t have to apologize for being an individual. So long as your beliefs don’t infringe upon another’s right to live, you can pretty well do and say as you please. So, why do people feel a need to follow the “herd mentality”?

You see, it’s one thing to research and take on an issue because it genuinely moves you, but it’s quite another to take something on because some television host told you it was important.

Chances are, if it wasn’t that important to you before, it won’t remain so for very long after, therefore you’ve wasted the personal efforts of yourself and the time of those truly devoted on an endeavor you didn’t care that much about in the first place.

Be your own person.

Discover the things in this world that mean something to you—even if they seem ridiculous—and give those things your all. But, by all means, do it because YOU want to, not because someone else said you should.

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