Day One: Selfishness Is Sometimes Necessary

It’s impossible to please everybody, so stop trying. Keep it simple, concentrate on you, and tell everyone else to take a number.

There’s nothing wrong with being a little selfish.

Sometimes, in our desperate attempts to be kind, empathic, sympathetic, and productive, we forget that we are human first. We all need to be taken care of—even those of us who might not realize it. It’s important to remember to take time for yourself—you are not obligated to set aside your needs for that of others. By doing so, you only serve to short-change yourself and them because you cannot fully commit yourself to one person, one project, or one act if you are spreading yourself thin.

Be the conduit through which all good things can flow, as opposed to the clog where all bad things build—eventually, sullying the good around you.

Even more, don’t feel guilty for taking time to enhance you because, while no one should expect you to be perfect, there’s nothing wrong with striving towards some semblance of excellence.


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