Day Three: Friendships Shouldn’t Be Built On Lies…

You Weren’t put on this earth to be a ‘yes man’. If youHave to be that in order to remain A person’s friend, keep walking, life is too short to spend it kissing someone’s backside.

A true friend isn’t going to be critical of you for having an opinion. There are always situations where your silence or tact are necessary, but you should never be okay with compromising your beliefs for the sake of pleasing another.

The true definition of friendship lay in the ability of two people to be honest with one another, no matter what the circumstance, and to, within that honesty, find comfort in the knowledge that it comes from a place of respect and love. If that can’t happen, the friendship is doomed to fail because neither of you is “keeping it real”.

Leave the phoniness at the door where your long-term relationships are concerned. No one needs a union based on BS.


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