Day Four: Free Thinking Individual…

Your mind is Your own. You can think what You like, have an opinion on whatever You want, and know that there is very little that any one can do about it.

The beauty of living in a free country is you don’t have to apologize for being an individual. So long as your beliefs don’t infringe upon another’s right to live, you can pretty well do and say as you please. So, why do people feel a need to follow the “herd mentality”?

You see, it’s one thing to research and take on an issue because it genuinely moves you, but it’s quite another to take something on because some television host told you it was important.

Chances are, if it wasn’t that important to you before, it won’t remain so for very long after, therefore you’ve wasted the personal efforts of yourself and the time of those truly devoted on an endeavor you didn’t care that much about in the first place.

Be your own person.

Discover the things in this world that mean something to you—even if they seem ridiculous—and give those things your all. But, by all means, do it because YOU want to, not because someone else said you should.

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