Day Nine: Reality TV Is Ruining The World…

It’s amazing how much “reality television” is on tv these days. No need to bother being talented anymore, just be a complete moron, or a total huzzy, and we’ll (society) make you a star!

Whenever a promo for The Jersey Shore comes on, there is an immediate reaction—complete and utter disgust.

The “entertainment” industry has played a huge role in dumbing down our need for quality television. Who needs a script or good, quality acting anymore, just be the biggest slut or the most obnoxious ass you can be and you’ll get your fifteen-minutes soon enough.

Even still, it’s tough to, completely, blame the film or television industry for the lack of quality coming into our cineplexes and living rooms because you can’t market what isn’t in demand.

However, at some point, why not offer something for those of us who aren’t entertained by a bunch of untrained idiots parading as superstars? Offer a television program that has a script—as odd as that sounds—and actors who want to be taken seriously? That would be a lovely change of pace.

A much better alternative than this garbage:

…quality television at its best.

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