Day Ten: Sometimes Life Can Be Tough…

People love to wonder why “bad things happen to good people”…well, in truth, they happen to bad people too—we just don’t care as much. Life isn’t easy for any of us, but for those who have faith, it’s a lot easier to take the good with the bad.

The amazing thing about life is how often so many of us take the little things for granted because we are too busy complaining about the big things. Of course that’s only natural, no one likes to have his/her progress impeded by obstacles. So, we rail against those intrusions with our fists clenched tight and our voices screaming loudly to no one in particular: “WHY ME?!? WHY ME?”

Well, why not you? Who are you, specifically, to be immune to disaster? Last check there were only two mortals in the last 50-years who could profess to be even the slightest bit unnerved by life’s injustice—one was named Ghandi and the other was named Mother Teresa—neither showed a penchant for complaining much.

The truth is, you aren’t immune to anything. Life is going to take its best shot at you because that’s what it’s supposed to do. So, the real question you need to be asking instead of “why me?” is “what am I going to do about it?”


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