Day 15: Sometimes You Just Have to "Do You"…

You can’t please everybody. Stop trying…it’s useless.

The only person you can take full responsibility for is yourself and, if you spend the better part of your existence trying to gauge the approval of others, your life will be miserable.

Most people aren’t looking to praise your efforts. It’s human nature to be overly critical and objective—think about it—everywhere you turn, there is judgment.

The eyes of your church congregation are gauging how “christian” you are, your friends are questioning the decisions you make in regards to your dress, your career, your parenting, and your money, and society expects you to be a law-abiding citizen with the potential to offer a great deal to their world.

Just living is a challenge because nothing comes without criticism or expectation.

That said, the best you can do is be the best version of yourself—every. single. day.

Don’t worry about what any one has to say, don’t continually alter your actions so that they’re consistent with what others feel they should be, and don’t waste time trying to be someone that you’re not—that’s an injustice to you and the one beautiful life God has granted.

Do the things that make you feel good and make you the most effective person for those who are the most important parts of your life—period. As for every one else clawing at you and telling you who you should be, well, tell them your dance card is full, and advise them to take a number.

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