Day 18: There Are No Shortcuts…

Shortcut road
Have you ever awoken on a particularly hectic day and thought to yourself, “can I just skip to the end”?

Although it seems like a nice thought, the problem with actually doing so is  you have no idea what you’ll miss if you do.

Unfortunately, many of us live in a vacuum filled with the stress and expectations placed in our path by those who employ, love, and befriend us.  We don’t want to hear the alarm clock go off in the morning because we know nothing but more stress, more fatigue, and more disappointment is likely all we’ll get.

It’s an existence that becomes tough to deal with, and many of us have to  develop mechanisms to get through the tough times.

So, we tell ourselves it’s only a five-day week and we start living for the weekend.  Or, we party with friends and hope the camaraderie will provide a temporary escape. Better still, we immerse ourselves in the web—tweeting, facebook-ing, blogging, or browsing the myriad of sites cyber-world has to offer.

The cycle isn’t vicious, but it’s indicative of the world we live in today. We are all looking for the easiest way to appease the restless beast within us that feels trapped by the monotony of doing the same ol’ thing everyday.

That said, it’s high time that all of us, who are stuck in that rut, start re-evaluating our direction.

Don’t continue to fall back on the same patent excuses that have come to be a staple of our explanatory repertoires—not enough time, not enough money, or not enough resources—but, rather, start looking at what opportunities you can make happen for yourself.

What can Y-O-U do to make your life better?

Because, the sooner you start believing and understanding that there is more to this life for you than a routine you’d just as soon chuck than adhere to, the more fulfilling your days and nights will become.

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