Day 19: Are You Listening?…

It’s easy to talk. I, personally, am a great talker when amongst friends and family. However, the art of listening is one that many of us have forgotten how to use.

This world has become soaked in voices—most of which are trying hard to be the loudest, most recognized, and influential voices in the world. No one wants to actually hear anything anymore, they just want to talk about how bad something is and incite us towards action because, “it’s the right thing to do”.

Well, here’s the problem with that theory, it only works for the person who is listening the most intently with both ears, an open heart, and a clear intention to be more than just a face in the crowd because, quite honestly, most of us are a lot less interested in what the voice has to say than we are with the person saying it.

In other words, we choose sides based on arbitrary factors: political affiliation, religious leanings, race, ethnicity, gender, etc. We no longer truly can hear what the message is because we are too caught up in the messenger.

The result is a society that has forgotten the value of independent thinking in exchange for being a part of the most popular group of “listeners” this world has to offer.

It’s time that we all start listening better, and challenging the voices within ourselves to make themselves heard. Not because we want to become the center of attention but, more importantly, because there is room for more than one voice to be heard—start making one of them be your own.


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