Day 20: What’s The Common Denominator?…

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There are often situations where you feel like you are being picked on. You don’t necessarily understand or know why people are doing it, but you know they are and you don’t like it very much. The usual response to such a feeling is to turn tail and run—as far away as possible.

But, what happens when you find yourself in a similar situation again…and again…and again? At what point do you stop looking for the external factors in exchange for turning your sights internally?

None of us are destined to be perfect, but it is important to recognize the serial imperfections that you place upon the doorstep of the world. In other words, are you arrogant? Unapproachable? Unyielding when it comes to the actions or opinions of others? Are you…awkward?

Believe it or not, it all matters, and it is a strong possibility that your inability yo remain settled in multiple situations is less about the people you’re complaining about, than it is about you.

You are the common denominator in every situation…just make sure you’re not the problem.

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