Day 21: Testing Your Patience…

A man deflecting another man's words with a mirror
Sometimes the person you love the most can get under your skin. It’s a privilege they have, born of the simple fact that they either a) have known you for a long time or b) are connected to you by blood.

In either case, they know where to hit you where it hurts when they get good and ready and, despite your best attempts, their daggers are difficult to ignore.

Understanding this point, you begin to realize that there will be situations where you cannot handle things diplomatically and you’ll have to find your own way to fight back against the emotional and psychological conflict.

But how do you accomplish such a feat? What can you do that can be equally as effective, and nerve-wrecking as what they are doing to you?…Say nothing.

Be silent. Be Patient. Be still.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. It immediately occurs to you that some things need to be addressed, and you are right—they do. However, choose to address them calmly. Don’t yell, don’t scream, don’t trade barbs. Just correct what is wrong, and return to your silent meditation. By doing so, the person loses their target and the conflict loses it’s luster.

No one wants to fight alone.

Become a temporary island where irrationality, bitterness, and contempt are not allowed to drop anchor—redirect those things, along with their carriers, to another location. Tell them to return only when they can be more intelligent with what they have to say and, in the meantime, say nothing.

Be silent. Be patient. Be still.


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