Day 23: You Can Do Bad All By Yourself…

Negativity and Me
There are a high-percentage of miserable people in this world who have one goal: to make your life miserable too.

They don’t appreciate seeing you happy, accomplished, blessed, or ambitious. No, it’s far easier and more satisfying to them if you fall flat on your face—a complete and utter failure.

Those kinds of people are better left in a boat, sailing alone, in an endless river—towards oblivion. Well, maybe not oblivion, but they definitely should not be allowed to be a functional part of your daily life because they, ultimately, serve no purpose.

While it’s easy to understand the nature of a person who is willing to try and build a relationship with such a character—even Judas had friends—it’s not smart for your soul. You cannot rely on that subtle instinct within you that says you can be the difference. You can make this person into a better man/woman simply by not giving up on them—showing them they too are worthy of greatness and love.

That’s silly. Your job isn’t to save them, it’s to enhance your life in the best way you can and, chances are, that journey won’t go very far if you continue pulling the 500 pound anchor that is negativity and resentment around with you. Let that person evolve by his or herself and not at the expense of your growth.

Now, if said individual resides in close proximity to you, let’s say it’s your friend, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, life-partner, or what have you, start asking yourself what Y-O-U are getting from an association that’s so emotionally stalling—why do you feel you need to have this person in your life?
What purpose do they serve?

If their only function is in making you feel like, by comparison, you are much better person than they—shame on you. However, if they serve no purpose other than to drain you emotionally, physically, and psychologically, then why have them in your life?

Misery can be attained without help…don’t waste your life giving it company.


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