BREAKING NEWS for Moms: Drop-Side Cribs Now Outlawed In The U.S.

The details are still in development, but the news is already being spread on the internet: the U.S. Government plans to outlaw all drop-side cribs from this point forward. Don’t know what a drop-side crib is? Well, here’s a hint, just about every mother with a newborn baby likely has one in her possession.

The drop-side was invented to make lifting and placing your infant/toddler into bed much easier via a lever or foot-controlled mechanism which lowered and lifted the railing. Now, apparently, due to the 30 or so deaths which have resulted from these cribs, manufacturers will no longer be permitted to sell or re-sell these cribs to the consumer.

I must admit, the first question that came to mind—seeing as how I currently own a drop-side crib myself—is what will they do with all the cribs currently on the market? Will there be a sudden recall of all cribs made in this mold? Will current moms-to-be have to scrap their nursery plans?

The drop-side has been around for years and it seems bizarre to imagine what will have to be done in order to completely phase them out of the marketplace. However, over the last couple years, there have been more and more deaths and incidents linked to this particular brand of crib.

Only recently, Bassetbaby issued a recall on all of their drop-sides due to entrapment issues.  This past summer saw Pottery Barn also issuing a recall on over 82,000 of their drop-sides—marking the start of the federal government’s crusade to end their sale altogether.

As a mother of a toddler, there is nothing more important to me than the safety of my child. However, I am forced to wonder how this move will impact all the young mothers out there who may, at this time, not have many alternatives to look towards.

What say you about this monumental shift in consumerism?

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