Day 30: Don’t Worry About It…

We worry. It’s a part of life that most of us will not escape and one that we have grown accustom to accepting. And, truthfully, that’s alright—that’s normal.

That said, you have to start understanding that worrying is less about being stressed than it is about being aware that life still has much to teach us—if we are open to learning.

Many of us become so focused on the negative aspects of the actual worrying (i.e. what we don’t have, what we can’t have, or what we need to have) that we forget that there is more to the act of worrying than meets the eye.

Think about it, it’s never so much the worrying that harms us as it is the potential outcome of the thing we’re worried about.

“If I don’t get this bill paid, I could lose x, y, or z”, “If I don’t get this job, I don’t know what I’ll do”, or “If I can’t pay for my child to do this, I’d hate to see his/her disappointment”. All of that is valid, but it’s surface and, mostly, outside of our control.

That said, if you dig deeper you’ll find that at the very core of our worries is fear. A fear of being a failure. A fear that perhaps your confidence isn’t as strong or as solid as you thought it to be.

It’s about insecurity and that is something that is fixable if we refocus our attention on the root cause of said feelings.

Now, I’m not saying that all worries can be written off to feeling uncomfortable in our own skin, but I am saying that it’s important to examine why that particular something is so bothersome to you—again, find the root cause.

If you can begin to figure that out, you might find a lot less reason to worry at all.

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