Welcoming In The New Year: Are You The Superstitious Kind?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!Over the years I have subscribed to many an “old wives tale”. Most of them don’t appear to have any history behind them, but  if not followed, the alleged outcome is supposed to be something unfavorable and who needs more bad luck, right?

Well, just for kicks, I figured I might track down some of the more well-known wives tales regarding both welcoming in and saying goodbye to the New Year.

So, get your pin and pad, you may need to write some of this down.

1. Eat your black-eyed peas and greens: The black-eyed peas are supposed to represent good fortune, and good health, while the greens ensure you will have money throughout the year.

As a southern girl, I have had my fair share of greens and peas on New Years Day and, I gotta tell ya, I haven’t seen much difference. However, it never hurts to try!

2. Do no laundry on New Years Day: The washing of garments is a representation of the death of someone close to you. Stay away from the washing machine and, just for good measure, don’t wash dishes or cars either—better safe than sorry.

3. Kiss your significant other: Be sure to kiss the man/woman in your life at the stroke of midnight if you hope to continue a healthy relationship into the new year. No kiss is a harbinger of a cold and difficult year together.

4. Invite a friend…just make sure it’s a dark-haired man: Make the first guest that enters your home in the New Year be a male one. Males bring good luck—females, not-so-much. Don’t ask me why.

5. Have a clean house: Make sure your humble abode is spotless before the New Year comes in, or else be a victim of having a messy house all year long.

6. Open the doors: Let the New Year in, and the old year out, by opening the doors at midnight. Welcome in the good possibilities of 2011 and allow its predecessor to be on its merry way.

Happy New Year!

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