You Must Find Your Inner Quiet

Remaining focused can be difficult. The world offers so many distractions and exudes so much noise, that it’s tough to give your complete attention to anything or anyone without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out.

The best way to combat against those distractions is to find your inner quiet—the place within you that offers a retreat from the madness.

It’s a peaceful place—unobstructed by the pressures of the world. Your job is to find it and make it your solitude, your mental escape hatch, if you will, so that even when you find yourself in situations of massive chaos, you’re at perfect peace.

How do you find it? That’s your journey to undertake. However, here’s a hint of what those feelings might resemble once you do: it’s the warmth you experience when you see something beautiful—your child sleeping or the sun setting over a lovely landscape. The confidence you feel after a fresh haircut or a lucrative promotion.

It’s the reminiscent feeling of
safety and comfort you get whenever you go home to see your family.

It’s the place that gives you the most consistent feeling of serenity—no matter what the situation.

That place is your inner quiet.

You must learn to harness those feelings so you can draw upon them in times of major stress and/or difficulty.

If you can do that, you can quiet the world around you and start to focus on the things that truly matter in your life.


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