Holding Her OWN—Oprah Makes An Impressive Debut

OWN Logo Let me go on the record and say I’m not one of those Oprah fanatics. You know the type—the  ones that would buy a keychain made out of moth balls because she said it was the “best thing ever”.

No, I’m more of a casual Oprah fan. I admire all she’s accomplished as both talk show host and philanthropist—but I’m not about to start funneling my extra money to the Angel Network.

That said, I did find myself intrigued to see what her new network, OWN, would bring to the media landscape.

I, for one, wasn’t interested in seeing an inordinate amount of stories like those you often find on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which has seemingly become the place to go for some of the more troubling and depressing topics of this decade—particularly those centering around abuse and incest.

However, at the same time, I was willing to give her new network venture a chance because I fit her audience profile. I have become disillusioned with television’s overall quality over the last five years and long for something better as an alternative. There is entirely too much reality television and not nearly enough substance to be found on the airwaves and it would be nice to have a choice. 

So, when OWN debuted on January 1st, I tuned in to see what Oprah’s next chapter looks like, and I was pleasantly rewarded with a refreshing brand of television.

One of the more standout shows was Oprah’s Master’s Class, on which Jay-Z was first up in offering his reflections on life and what it takes to be a success:

It was captivating to watch and it’s a series that definitely seems to have legs with Condoleeza Rice, Maya Angelou, and Simon Cowell all appearing at some point.

Other shows with meat include, Searching For… and Kidnapped By The Kids, both center around the importance of family, and making connections with those most important in our lives.

The documentary covering her final season hosting The Oprah Winfrey Show is also entertaining. It’s a bit like being a fly on the wall in her daily life—certainly it’s a watered-down snapshot, but it offers enough of a glimpse that you get the idea of how much hard work goes into making her show the success it has become over the year.

OWN definitely has promise and I will be re-visiting the channel often—eager to see what else Ms. Winfrey has to offer.

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