Ted Williams: Living Proof That Opportunity Can Meet Preparation

If you asked an everyday person who “Ted Williams” was—two days ago—chances are you might have elicited a blank stare or a guess that he was the late, great, baseball player.

Well, today, Ted Williams’—a homeless man—miraculous story of hope has reached millions , and his “golden voice” has become a media sensation.

His story won’t be recounted here, as it can easily be found by now, but the message within his story is what has resonated the most: never give up, never stop putting your best foot forward.

Times will be hard, no doubt, and the choice to give up will seem easier than the one to keep going, but you have to trust what you have. Trust that your talent, your hard work, and your decision to remain true to who you are will pay off at some point.

You may not become a millionaire, or garner worldwide fame, but you will be okay. And, in the end, that’s really all most of us want in the first place—to be okay.

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