Who’s Minding The Store?

It seems like a silly question to ask but as a simple woman, with simple expectations, I often find myself asking this very question about the country I call home.

Let me get this point out of the way early, I’m not the most well-informed person you will meet. I don’t read the newspaper daily, nor do I follow the personalities on CNN or Fox News. Most of the time I’m too busy living my life to focus on such things.

The majority of my days are filled with making sure my kids are cared for and my husband is happy—that’s my life and I’m satisfied with that being my life.

However, that does not mean I’m out of touch with the world I live in.

I’m a consumer, the mother of a school-aged child, the wife of a blue-collar employee, the daughter of an educator, and the sister of a banker—the bases are well covered where keeping informed is concerned.

I can see that living comfortably has become harder for many of us and I know that the cost to provide has become more expensive than ever.

Things are not good. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to notice.

Which leads back to my original question: who’s minding the store?

Who’s looking out for little me in my semi-rural existence? Who’s fighting hard to make sure that the laws passed are done with me in mind?

Are there still legislators out there who believe in doing work “for the people”, or have they all forgotten they work for us?

I am a citizen of this country. I love my freedom, and I value my right to live without boundaries. But, it occurs to me that the system is broken, and I’m not sure that there are enough good people in place to fix it.

Who’s minding the store?…Who knows.

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