Curiosity Can Help Eradicate Ignorance

There are “nosey” people and there are intellectually curious ones.

Nosey people want to know more than you do about everything and everybody. They don’t necessarily concern themselves with whether or not the information is valid, or even worthwhile, they just want to be sure they are the ones privy to it first. It makes them feel important.

By contrast, intellectually curious people want to know something because it betters them
as individuals and citizens. They understand that only through knowledge can you overcome blind ignorance.

So, they seek out people, outlets, and materials that can benefit them in becoming more informed. That is how they best feel
they are able to play a part in making this world better.

As you grow into the person you wish to be, it’s important that you never lose your zest for both finding out the unknown, and sharing that knowledge with others.

Be an instrument of action and never lose sight of how important a role you play in advancing the world around you—for the better.

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