School Lunches Could Finally Get A Healthy Change

The USDA is hoping to overhaul school lunch options for the first time in over a decade.

A proposal, sent out today, will request that better options be presented to children who partake in school lunch programs across the nation.

No longer will it be acceptable to offer the greasy, calorie-filled, foods that have become staples in most lunch lines. The USDA will now advocate that foods with lower fat, less sodium, and fewer calories be offered as alternatives.

All I have to say is it’s about time!

The obesity rates among children in this country rises more each year, and it is important that we, as parents, start to introduce our children to healthier, more life-sustaining, options.

It’s always bothered me to see french fries and juice on the menu, but no bottled water or fresh veggies.

It’s often a choice of bad versus worse where school lunches have been concerned. And, with the restrictions on what can be brought into school, preparing sack lunches has become an even bigger challenge for the harried mother/father to face.

The overall responsibility to instill good food choices starts at home, but it will be nice to see that this education could now carry over into their daily lunch menu.

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