You Can’t Be Everything to Everybody—Stop Trying

I obsess a lot—what can I say?

My mind is never quiet long enough to actually enjoy the moment I’m in because it’s always moving ahead to the next moment—trust me when I tell you it’s the most frustrating aspect of being me. It’s also hard to control without some serious effort on my part.

I’ve relied on both yoga and meditation in many situations, but my spiritual beliefs have guided me the rest of the way and, together, all have allowed me to be more aware of my connection to what’s actually happening in front of me—keeping me grounded and focused on what’s really important. 

However, in being such an emotion-hopper (yes, that’s a made-up word), I have learned a very valuable lesson about the tendency of individuals to be continually absent within the present. You see, as it turns out, this issue isn’t unique to me. We all do it.

We all find ourselves scattered into a million different thoughts, trying to figure out how to do it all. It’s born of an inner desire to be both perfect and successful—we’re afraid to screw up.

So, we overload, over commit, and overdo everything we can to make us feel that we are being productive and useful to those around us. This can especially be the case with mothers.

We put on our capes and strap on that ‘S’ and say “Superwoman. Yes, I am”.

The only problem with that is, in reality, being a superwoman—or man for that matter—isn’t a job meant to be done on a daily basis. And, if you do it long enough, you can become a Superdud everywhere else in your life.

Each of us has to find a way to limit the distractions and expectations we place upon ourselves so that we can begin to make room for the everyday things that actually require our attention: our significant others, children, loved ones, etc.

Those are the things that enrich us, and those are the things that will make the living of this life better.


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