There’s A Difference Between "Keeping It Real" and Being Real

Most of us don’t know who we truly are and we often have trouble separating our true self from the   facade we show to the world.

Of course many of us don’t acknowledge the fact that we wear a mask on a daily basis. We just like to assume that we are “keeping it real”—it’s everyone else that’s being phony.

Well, here’s a perfect test for those of you who subscribe to the latter point: think of a topic that interests you. Ponder the ins and outs of that topic for as long you deem necessary to espouse an intelligent opinion. Once you’ve done so, ask yourself what part of that opinion is based on your own knowledge, and what part of it is based on the knowledge you’ve absorbed from the sources around you. 

If you find that most of what you believe is built on an article you read, a talk show you heard, or a speaker you’ve listened to, then you aren’t as “real” as you might think.

The natural response to this is to say we are all going to be guilty of doing that. After all, most of us are just a conglomeration of our experiences and social interactions. It’s impossible not to be influenced or shaped by external factors in our environment. 

That’s true, and in no way do I expect that this world will house a human being who hasn’t been touched or influenced by something he/she read, did, or experienced. That’s the way we become who we are—through experiencing this life as an observer.

However, you have to begin investigating and researching matters on your own, as well. You have to start realizing that regurgitating the philosophies of another doesn’t make you sound intelligent, it makes you look misinformed.

In as much as you are an observer, you should also be an experimenter. Your belief system should be a result of what YOU know for sure and not what you’ve heard from the majority. Walk your own path, formulate your own opinions, and become your own person.

There are enough people out there “keeping it real”, strive to be a part of the group that’s just being real.

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