Sometimes You Get In Your Own Way

I’m constantly amazed at how wonderful the world looks through the eyes of a child. Everything they see and hear is a source of wonderment for them, and they never complain about their experience (no matter how big or small it might be)—most just appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the moment.

It’s truly a beautiful thing to watch, and it got me to thinking, where has our childlike wonder gone?

We have evolved into a nation of people who are either distracted by the enormity of our responsibilities, or absent altogether. None of us are willing to take a moment to see what this life has to offer because we remain blinded by the negativity of its occupants.

In short, we’re paying attention to the wrong things and we’re too out of touch to realize it.

The children of this world, even the so-called “broken” ones, provide the perspective that we all need to be seeing this life through. Their lens offers the clearest, most consistent, and most positive path to what we all hope is our ultimate destination—happiness and peace.

Of course some might say the ability to revert to such a pure way of thought was lost long ago. “We simply know too much” now to make a change.

How does one forget the pain, the sacrifice, and the knowledge he/she has gained—that same knowledge that led us to the way we feel/think today—jaded and skeptical that this life has anything good to offer? How can we erase these thoughts when they play such an intrinsic part in who we are?

To that I only say you’re thinking too hard.

To approach each day like a child, you would cease to dwell on the infinite impossibilities presented by this life, but rather, instead, be awakened and energized by the endless possibilities that your presence within it presents.

You must remember that you are a bright beacon of light, no matter how hard the world might try to dim you. It’s up to you to take what this world has to offer and make the best of it.

You are your only true roadblock to progression and sometimes you have to have the strength to get out of your own way.


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