There’s Always One Moment

Each morning, around the time I manage to get my bearings together (in other words, about the time I realize it is morning, I do have to get up, and it will be another busy day), I’ve found myself engaging in one particular ritual: There’s about sixty seconds where I decide if I will be a positive or a negative presence on the day.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, who chooses to be a “negative” presence? Negativity isn’t usually the go-to option of anyone. We all strive to be positive, don’t we? Well…not really.

Think about it, in choosing to be positive, you are committing to taking each moment as it comes—with zero preconceived notions.

For example, let’s say you agree to meet a friend for lunch, and that particular friend has been known to be a touch over-dramatic—about everything. You might find that you actually begin to “prepare” yourself for your interaction with them before it actually happens.

Through that act of preparation alone, you’ve already begun setting the tone for your lunch date.

Whereas, if you chose to take things as they came, and remained open to the possibility of good (i.e. perhaps this time they will be different), you would leave room for a less stressful atmosphere because, let’s face it, if you go in with negative expectations, that is precisely what is likely to greet you.

Does that mean you won’t become annoyed if your friend does indeed live up to their reputation? No, but at least you wouldn’t have diminished the chance of having a pleasant lunch simply by attaching your negative energy.

Positivity takes conscious effort. You have to work hard at it, daily, if you expect to make it a habit. And each new day will force you to make a choice as to who you will be in this world.

What will your choice be today? 


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