This Is The Perfect Time To Panic

Motto Mojo: Do SomethingThere’s no way you can live in this world today and not feel a twinge of concern about where it’s headed. I look at my children sometimes and wonder what kind of world they will encounter as adults—right now everything seems so out of whack.

While I’ve never felt the need to tell another how to live, I have felt compelled—at times—to ask the openly apathetic individual who decides that nothing matters anymore, what their goal in life truly is?

Seriously, what do you have to offer that cannot be misconstrued as your taking a huge crap all over every personal freedom that thousands have bravely sacrificed their lives for you to have?

Again, not trying to judge, but my patience level for the uninformed, misguided, and utterly oblivious person who has decided that apathy is “cool” for no other reason than it goes against the grain of what the majority would have you believe, is slim.

Am I the most politically active person in the world? No, by no means, but I’m also not willing to give up on the possibility that this world can be better—particularly when I have two children who will one day try to make their way through it. So, I do what I can and I inform myself as well as I possibly can so that when the possibility for me to make a difference arises, I can do so with intelligence.

As far as what party can effectively lead us back to the promised land, I gave up on that concept a long time ago. I no longer pledge my allegiance to any one party because, quite frankly, they all have an agenda. All I want to see is a man, or woman, come to the table minus an agenda.

I want to see him/her lay their cards on the table and say, “things suck right now, but I’m going to do my best to fix it, and I’m not going to screw you over in the process”, and mean it.

Is there a person out there willing to do that? If so, could he or she please stand up, because we can’t see you from the cheap seats.


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