It’s Not Always Easy Remembering To Smile

Recently, I have abandoned my daily yoga routine. I abandoned it not because it’s not useful—trust me it is—but because I haven’t been able to find the time to fit it into my busy schedule. However, of late, the lack of it has caused me to spiral back into my daily stress-filled ritual of trying to do too much with too little.

One of the basic mantras of the yoga routine I follow is to remember to “smile” and “be grateful for everything the day hath brought”. I often forget to actually smile during the course of a normal day—on the inside, not the outside—because I’m so focused on the outward responsibilities that I have yet to complete.

The solution to my problem is easy enough: I’ll just have to get back to my morning yoga ritual. I miss that moment of personal reflection and meditative contemplation—breathe in the positive, exhale the negative.

I must get back to that.

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