Take Control of Your Day

It’s not always easy to stay cheerful and focused—as a matter of fact, it’s hard work—however, as a wife, mother, and superwoman (yes, I am), I find that it’s a much harder thing to allow the negative forces of life to rule me. I simply don’t have time to add those demons into a day that already has the potential to be a challenge.

Let’s face it, there are multiple reasons to get up in the morning and say, “this day will mirror the rest of em’—poorly planned and poorly executed—so why bother making the effort to be productive?” Well, if you’re like most, you make the effort based on the possibility that the day could turn out to be special.

My advice is to focus on the latter point more. Stop making it tough for yourself to find the positive spaces within the harried levels of your daily life. Wake up and take five minutes to imagine the day as a success—visualize yourself getting something done and being a productive piece of this overwhelming puzzle—not a failure.

You have a responsibility, to yourself, to be more than just an instrument utilized improperly by someone else. Take control of your day and make something good happen.


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