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Video of the Week: "We Don’t Have Time For This…I Don’t Have Time For This"

I don’t care what your political affiliation might be, this whole “birth certificate” matter has to have you scratching your head—if you’re honest with yourself.

I don’t subscribe to either side, Republican or Democrat, at this point, but I am 100 percent on the side of the President when he states “we don’t have time for this…” It’s time for serious people to focus on serious issues and maybe now that sideshow Bob (yes, I mean you, Donald Trump) no longer has this idiocy to get airtime over (and you networks should really be ashamed of yourselves for giving that fool a platform), we can see more chatter about the issues actually affecting the bottom-line of tax payers all over this nation.

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Royal Wedding Fever?…Nope, None of That Here

So, Prince William of Wales is marrying Kate Middleton? Good for him, it’s always nice to see young couples in love come together in holy matrimony. That’s so special.


Listen, I hate to sound the horn of the minority on this one, but why on earth should I care about a marriage that has absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on in the United States of America? Hell, the royals weren’t even so courteous as to extend an invite to that guy who happens to be our President so why on earth should the event make my calendar if it isn’t even on his?

For the record, President Obama will be in Cape Canaveral—watching the shuttle launch of Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s husband, Mark Gifford—on that afternoon. I’d say that’s precisely where he should be given the significance of what happened to Mrs. Gifford just a few months ago.

I mean, I get it, this is Lady Diana’s son, and Lady Di was a pop culture icon both in the UK and the US—everyone loved her. Many people will likely feel they come full circle, having watched Diana wed Prince Charles so long ago, and now watching her son wed his love in just as lavish an affair. But, to me, it’s not worth the spectacle; it’s simply not that big of a deal.

Let’s get on with it, I say, so everyone else can turn the page.

Exercise Jolt: Don’t Fall Victim To Laziness

I get tired.

I get so tired, in fact, that sometimes I don’t want to eat right, exercise, or put on one piece of exercise gear—some days I just don’t feel good. And, it is on those types of days that I choose to do one of two things: 1) not exercise at all, or 2) exercise more vigorously than usual.

You don’t have to be a workout warrior 5-6 days a week—every week—no one will flog you if you miss a day, but you should choose to take breaks when they are necessary, not simply as a result of laziness or lack of motivation.

If you’re mood is due to fatigue or health issues, then maybe you should listen to your body and accept that day as one that’s long overdue—there’s no glory in pushing a tired body past the point of exhaustion. That type of dedication might impress some, but your body will pay for your overeager ways at some point.

However, if you’re just having a bad day or feeling lazy because you broke your nutritional routine by having that extra slice of chocolate cake, well, maybe you need to let that be your motivation instead of your reason to stagnate.

It’s on those days, that we feel the least ready to get going in our routines, that we should strive the hardest to do so—trust me when I tell you that you will feel so much better if you do than if you don’t.