No More Happy Meals: "Lose The Calories or Lose The Toys" Says NY Councilman

A New York City councilman is introducing a bill which would “… limit any meal that comes with a toy to under 500 calories”. The hope is that fast food chains will begin offering healthier meal options to their pint sized clientele.

As health conscious as I try to be, I would be remiss if I didn’t admit to frequenting a McDonald’s or Burger King, every now and then, just because one of my kids was enamored of their latest toy offering. And, I have no doubt that millions of other parents have done the same.
While there should never be an objection to seeing healthier choices offered by such places, to say that “…the child wants the toys. Not that fries and nuggets”, borders on idiocy. I mean, if all they wanted were the toys, would we really need to have this conversation? The toy is a nice prize for the little ones, but they are eating the food as well—and they would do so even if the toy wasn’t offered. 
The problem now, as it always has been, is the parents who overindulge said children with said  unhealthy food choices. There isn’t enough education happening inside the home about what’s good for the body and what isn’t. 
These days it’s simple to request apple dippers in lieu of french fries, low fat milk or apple juice instead of soda, or to order a plain hamburger or cheeseburger as opposed to the default version—often slathered in ketchup—who needs all that high fructose corn syrup? Kids aren’t born with any knowledge of these health dangers so they look to us to make those decisions. 
We are responsible for taking them to these establishments, ordering their food, paying for it, and allowing them to eat it. So, if the cycle of obesity amongst children is to stop, it starts with us—not the lawmakers.
That said, removing a toy in order to force fast food makers into making a decision that is ours to begin with, may seem well-intentioned but, in the end, it doesn’t really address the problem. The food companies are trying to make a dollar. They’re just doing their jobs. 
It’s time that we, as parents, did the same.

One thought on “No More Happy Meals: "Lose The Calories or Lose The Toys" Says NY Councilman

  1. rhinoplasty says:

    Really good idea. It is right too. More spicy or yummy meals can produced more fat and our good heal;th may convert into bad health.


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