‘Perseverance’ Is Not A Dirty Word

Most of us give up too easily. We hit a little wall, suffer through a bit too much resistance, and we throw our hands up and say—to heck with this—I’m done. Well, what if you decided not to do that? What if you took your lumps, let whatever it was hit you with it’s best shot, and said, “is that the best you can do? Is that all you’ve got?…seriously, well, you’re gonna have to do better than that!”

I’m no oracle, but I’m willing to place a large bet that you would find yourself in a much more favorable position than you might otherwise be had you instead decided to give up.

The human spirit is one that is begging to be tested. You are built to be much stronger than you’re likely allowing yourself to become, yet you spend the better part of your existence watching, exasperated, from the sidelines as life and opportunities pass you by. Even more, you look at the person you perceive to be a ‘go-getter’ and are colored greener than green with envy and admiration for their having done all the things you’ve already told yourself you cannot do.

Why torture yourself? This life is meant to be lived with purpose. You cannot let your life live you, you have to live your life, and that cannot be done if you aren’t willing to get bruised and battered a bit along the way.

Perseverance in tough times builds character for the long haul and that makes for a life filled with experiences—both good and bad—that helps bring you into the person you most hope to be by the time you reach your fullest potential.

So, stop building roadblocks with your own hands. Allow yourself the opportunity—dare I say, the privilege—to be knocked down, to fail, to be defeated because it is only then that you will know the sweetness of life’s blessings.

Just keep living, learning, and persevering to the end.


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