Royal Wedding Fever?…Nope, None of That Here

So, Prince William of Wales is marrying Kate Middleton? Good for him, it’s always nice to see young couples in love come together in holy matrimony. That’s so special.


Listen, I hate to sound the horn of the minority on this one, but why on earth should I care about a marriage that has absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on in the United States of America? Hell, the royals weren’t even so courteous as to extend an invite to that guy who happens to be our President so why on earth should the event make my calendar if it isn’t even on his?

For the record, President Obama will be in Cape Canaveral—watching the shuttle launch of Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s husband, Mark Gifford—on that afternoon. I’d say that’s precisely where he should be given the significance of what happened to Mrs. Gifford just a few months ago.

I mean, I get it, this is Lady Diana’s son, and Lady Di was a pop culture icon both in the UK and the US—everyone loved her. Many people will likely feel they come full circle, having watched Diana wed Prince Charles so long ago, and now watching her son wed his love in just as lavish an affair. But, to me, it’s not worth the spectacle; it’s simply not that big of a deal.

Let’s get on with it, I say, so everyone else can turn the page.

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