Video of The Week: The First Lady Moves The Crowd

I am all for a program that encourages healthy living and First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ campaign is something I, as a parent, definitely support. The obesity rate among our young children has skyrocketed thanks to the over-consumption of unhealthy goods—including those served in our school cafeterias—and there isn’t enough emphasis on physical education (P.E.).

Quite frankly, there are many schools in the country which no longer incorporate P.E. into the days of our children and it used to be a staple in every curriculum!

So, it’s high time that we all start instilling the value of exercise into the minds of our little boys and girls while they are still young enough and impressionable enough to accept it as a normal part of their daily life. And, as the First Lady demonstrates, it doesn’t matter how you get moving—just move!

Learn more about the ‘Let’s Move’ initiative here, but take a look at The First Lady’s recent visit to a local Washington D.C. school where she got her groove going with a group of very lucky middle-school students.


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