Pain: The Body’s Way of Saying "I’m Challenging You"

It’s not easy to work out five days a week and, I admit, some weeks I don’t reach that goal—being a mother, wife, and woman of infinite responsibility can make that hard sometimes—but I put forth the effort to do something everyday no matter what; as long as I’m physically able.

That said, you can only do so much of the same thing before your body gets bored and requires something more to produce results. So I am always challenging myself to do more, push harder, and test the limits of what is thought possible.

Sometimes that approach is met with resistance of both the physical (sore muscles, a deep burning sensation—hint, hint, that’s your muscles saying “gimme more”, and fatigue) and mental kind (questioning your ability to do the routine and wondering if it’s actually worth all the physical consequences).

I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve felt like doing nothing or opting for the easier, more manageable routine, that I know can be completed with ease. After all, if I believe those around me, I should be in “maintenance mode” now, so there is purpose in coming up with more challenges for my body to meet.

For those of you who can understand the latter point, here’s a word of wisdom from a simple woman of faith: there is nothing wrong with being satisfied with where you are, physically, but if you’re not, you will never get to that point without finding new ways to both challenge yourself and present your body with a reason to get stronger, leaner, and more physically fit.

Part of the beauty of learning a new exercise routine or fitting in one additional set is the great feeling you get from the knowledge that you are progressing.

Maybe last year you couldn’t last five minutes on the elliptical machine before bailing on it altogether but, as you did more, your body became accustomed to the rigor and now, maybe, that five minutes is what you do to warm-up your body before advancing to the more intense levels of your regimen.

Progression makes you feel good. Progression is what keeps us all fired up to do more and you should try to never lose your desire to do more.

Your body is your temple to build and glorify. There is nothing arrogant or conceded about doing that if your intent is the overall goal of being balanced on every level and feeling as good about yourself on the outside as you do about the inside.

Celebrate yourself, challenge your will, and try to be better everyday.

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