Planking Is The New Craze?…I Don’t Get It

The newest craze in Australia is something referred to as “planking”. It’s an activity that is described as “people lying flat on their stomach in unusual places while a photograph is taken”…no, I’m not kidding, that’s how it’s defined.

Yeah, I didn’t get it either. 

While I realize that you cannot demean or make fun of people for whatever they might deem interesting or entertaining, I find it troublesome when activities such as this one don’t have limits or safety guidelines.

The video that follows is what can happen when “planking” is taken to the extreme:

Now, obviously, one might say that some common sense should have been taken on the part of the deceased but, to be fair, this whole “planking” idea doesn’t seem to make much sense in the first place—I certainly don’t get the fun of just lying on inanimate objects, very still, just for kicks and giggles.

Where is the fun in that? It’s not like you’re doing anything that would make someone stop and admire your great skill or anything—you’re just lying there. I guess if you’ve got nothing better to do and you want to test your core strength, then this is a pretty good way to do it but, other than that, it seems odd.

Frankly, I would suggest not doing this activity at all in favor of something that a) makes a little more sense and b) doesn’t sound so darn asinine when you describe it to another human being…but that’s just me. 


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