Bill O’Reilly: The Internet Is The Devil…And Here’s Why

Mr. O’Reilly took the time to weigh in on the whole Arnold Schwarznegger/Maria Shriver ordeal this past week and here is what he had to say about the media’s role in presenting the story to the public:


Listen, public figures (especially those born in the 20th century) are well-aware of the microscope they put themselves under when they choose to run for public office. That’s precisely why so many of them make it a point to hire image consultants and public relations specialists to help them to project the most positive persona possible.

Schwarznegger, having spent most of his career in the spotlight, was not unaware of this fact when he made his decision to run for the office of Governor in the state of California. So, this whole idea that he is an innocent bystander, in the current media free-for-all on his character, is ridiculous because if there is anyone who knew what such an admission would do to his career, it’s Schwarznegger.

Furthermore, I take issue with any argument that would suggest that the media’s presence is the reason why many people won’t run for office.

Here’s the thing, if you are a philandering, dishonest, morally corrupt, individual with no real grasp on human decency, then you probably know that going in and deserve whatever pounding you get once the slithery media snakes get their hands on your information.

By contrast, if you are an upstanding citizen with nothing to hide, then you have no reason to worry about what hair-brained stories the media creates in an effort to make reporting about you more interesting. 

To be fair, I do not advocate sensationalism as a means to sell magazines, newspapers, or internet subscriptions—lies are lies, no matter who tells them, and there should be more of an emphasis placed on telling the truth in media.

That said, Arnold is a victim of his own indecency and I hold absolutely no pity for the way his entrails will be dragged through the waters of public opinion. He made his bed, his maid laid down in it with him, so he’s entitled to carry upon himself whatever dirt those sheets accumulated.


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