Pajama Jeans: It’s Like The ‘Snuggie’…Only They’re Even LESS Cool

See, this right here is why some people don’t need to have the ability to buy airtime and market a product. While I am more than certain someone saw this infomercial and thought ‘wow that’s what I want’, I can’t imagine what genius thought it would be a cool idea to call it the ‘Pajama Jean’.

Seriously…why on earth would anyone want to buy this item—ever? And, might I add, how much I love the fact that they throw in a free grey crew neck with purchase. I mean, let’s be honest, what woman’s wardrobe would be complete without a GREY crew neck?

After I finished laughing profusely, I decided that I had truly seen it all.

A pajama jean…woo, boy, y’all are killing me.


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