Carb Crazy: Don’t Fear The Bread, Fear The Flour

Diana Vreeland once said, “people who eat white bread have no dreams”. Vreeland, a noted fashion editor for Harpers-Bazaar, and one time Editor-in-Chief for Vogue magazine, was considered an icon in the fashion industry during the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. In short, she wasn’t a dietician, nor did the surgeon general have her on speed dial, but the quote still resonates today as one of great insight by a woman who lived for a very long time without any significant health problems. 

That said, I love bread! Love. It. And I would be a wreck if I had to completely eliminate it from my diet, and don’t even get me started on pasta—Italian cuisine is a staple in my kitchen. I cook a pasta-based meal at least once a week!

So, when I began the process of changing my lifestyle to one focused on healthier eating and more purposeful exercise, I considered all the alternatives for my bread and pasta loving habits and what I found out very early was that it wasn’t necessarily the bread or pasta that was bad, but the type of bread or pasta and, like anything else, the amount I chose to eat.

First off, look for breads made using whole grains as opposed to white flour. While you do not have to forfeit your love of carbohydrates to get the waistline you so desire, you do have significantly reduce your intake of sugar—a prime culprit in most items made using white flour—if you wish to lessen the possibility of additional weight gain.

Secondly, watch your intake. Don’t gorge—moderation is a key component in everything.

Finally, don’t shy away from pasta. Personally, I have taken to eaten pasta noodles made from tofu as they have less calories and offer—at least for me—as delightful an alternative as regular spaghetti. There are even gluten-free versions available.

The point here is you don’t have to sacrifice bread to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about moderation and using the information you can find on food labels in order to make the best decision for you and your lifestyle.


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