So Long, Oprah…

Let me start this entry by saying I was never an everyday watcher of The Oprah Winfrey Show. I’d DVR the show daily and then cherry-pick the ones that interested me the most. That said, the show has been an intricate part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I was in elementary school when it first aired and now, married and a mother of two children, I sat riveted as I watched this institution of a show—and there can be no denying that it was just that—come to an end.

I’ll admit, I shed a few tears as the studio went dark and Oprah exited for the very last time. I shed them because I realized I would miss her voice, her energy, her presence, and her awe-inspiring ability to convey a genuinely positive message to women everywhere and I feel no hesitation when I say there will never be another like her.

And today’s show was the ultimate gift in that Oprah offered one final lesson of encouragement for all of us.

Some may have taken offense to it’s overtly spiritual tone, but I appreciated her candidness and her decision to, once and for all, give glory to Him.

4:00, Monday through Friday, will never be the same for me as, for the first time in 25-years, watching Oprah will no longer be an option. Even so, I feel eternally grateful to have been a part of this moment in history and it has been my pleasure to play the role of spectator to this self-made woman of God’s success as she inspired millions to know what’s possible if you just allow yourself to shine.

So, goodbye Oprah…until we meet again.

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