Video of the Week: Is This Woman For Real?…

Here’s my take on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s dalliances with what is seeming more and more like a multitude of women: he’s a scumbag and deserves no mercy.

That said, I am utterly disgusted by the nerve of any woman who wants to offer an apology after she’s admitted to having an ongoing affair with another woman’s husband. Granted, it was Arnold’s responsibility to protect and respect the vows he took when he made the decision to marry Maria Shriver, but shouldn’t there be some measure of dignity and honor coming from these alleged other women as well?

Perhaps my error here is in believing that there should be more respect, as a society, for the sanctity of marriage.

If a man or woman is unhappy in his union, that is not an excuse for infidelity. If it gets to that point, I feel, they need to let their significant other know about it so that they are allowed the option of either leaving the marriage or taking the necessary steps to fix what’s broken in the relationship. However, none of that can happen if some lonely heart is waiting in the wings throwing dirt on your vows.

Sure, there are some who, at least in this case, would actually blame Maria for perceived short-comings in her ability to keep her husband close but, on the real, let’s be more intelligent about this situation. Any woman who chose to entertain Arnold’s demands, with full knowledge of his situation, is simply a woman with poor morals or below average self-esteem.

That being said, I am loathe to have any appreciation for this particular female’s audacity in offering up an apology to Maria for “…the mistakes I made in the past and for being intimate with your husband…” and to then have the nerve to ask for forgiveness while in the same breath knowing she’s about to try and cash in on her 15 minutes…despicable. If anything, she’s happy for the opportunity to make a dishonest dollar off the pain and suffering of others.

Sorry, but there’s simply no honor in that act.

Take a look at this woman’s interview and tell me if she looks sorry to you.

Give me a break, lady. I hope, for Maria’s sake, this classless nightmare ends soon.

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