Let Your Fear Serve You

Fear is considered an inconvenience. We don’t like being afraid of anything or anyone because we interpret that feeling as a weakness within ourselves. However, fear is actually a state of being that serves us in a way that surpasses that of any one moment, because it has the ability to make us more intelligent in the choices we make as a result.

For example, on the simplest level, my fear of being unhealthy and, thereby, unable to do the types of things that make the lives of my children and husband more fulfilling, is the driving force behind my dedication to my overall health. I take the steps to both eat right and exercise on a regular basis because I understand the consequences of my inaction would far outweigh any of the potential positives.

In that way, my fear serves me well and I appreciate its presence.

On a deeper level, your fear of not living a life of purpose, grace, or profitability encourages your desire to work hard, be cognizant of the way you treat others, and pay closer attention to the choices you make in both your education and your career so that you don’t find yourself on the negative end of life.

You have to allow those feelings of ill ease to play their role in helping you make careful decisions about what you wish to do in life. Don’t look at your fear as an inconvenience or a burden, but rather as a tool to help you overcome a difficult situation with more intelligence and focus than you might have otherwise.


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