Discipline is the Key to Everything

At the beginning of my healthy-living journey, I counted calories. It didn’t matter where the calories originated—fruit or vegetable, packaged or not, juice or water—I counted it, and held tightly to my regimen. I even made sure to account for calories lost through exercise as I knew that was key in maintaining a healthy diet.

After a few months of doing things in this manner, I figured I was ready to abandon my calorie-counting ways. I figured I was aware enough of what I was eating to not slip into bad habits or revert to the bad eating habits that were once so prevalent in my life.

However, the problem with not being accountable to yourself is that you often feel perfectly justified in doing whatever you please. As a result of my releasing myself from accountability in this area of my life, I found that my food intake, while healthy, stopped being nutritionally meaningful. I started missing out on key nutrients in my day-to-day meals because I didn’t have an electronic representation of how I was doing on whatever day.

As I’ve often stated, it’s important to get the most out of what you eat by staying as close to the recommended daily allowances (RDA) as possible where things like fiber, protein, calcium, etc. are concerned. A well-balanced diet ensures a healthier overall you. So, needless to say, I returned to counting calories again because I don’t yet have the discipline to do it on my own and I don’t want to see all the progress I have made go to waste. 

Each of us, on our road to physical and mental wellness will find that we have to make adjustments. and we’ll see that sometimes it’s necessary to go back to the beginning of things in order to reach a better end. It’s important that you know there’s nothing wrong with doing either one of those things in the name of self-enhancement.

Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate your goals every now and then, if only to find out if you’ve gotten off track somewhere,  no one’s keeping score, so don’t worry about your pace. Run YOUR race and you’ll find that the outcome is far better than you imagined. 


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