Perspective is something we all have, yet we all house it differently based on our experiences.

I finished reading “The Help” yesterday, and one of the things that stood out to me the most was how differently each character viewed their particular place in their community—a community they lived in “together”. It was a striking testament on how people can live in the same place, but not necessarily “be” in the same place.

Of course for many that point is obvious. I mean, it’s understood that we are all living lives filled with different experiences, expectations, and opportunities. And while some of us are blessed to hit the social, economic, and environmental jackpot, there are just as many of us who end up on the extreme opposite of that spectrum—or dangling someplace lodged hopelessly in the middle.

Each of us is destined to make an impact one way or another. The force of that impact is up to us as individuals. You will either be the person who is railing against the atrocity and unfairness of life, or the one who takes a bad situation and finds a way to make it good. Either way, you are making a decision to use your perspective to guide you.

That said, it’s important to re-evaluate your perspective every now and then, see if you are allowing yourself the chance to explore matters on a deeper level as opposed to being influenced by external factors. You have to be willing to research and educate yourself on the issues you hold close—no matter how mundane or unimportant they might seem.

Your perspective is something that can be of great value to you as you continue to discover the world around you, but do not ever make the mistake of becoming so set in your ways that the only perspective you’re willing to accept is your own.

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