Exercise: Just Do It, The "When" Doesn’t Matter

I’m a busy woman. As most of you who read here regularly already know, I am the mother of two children aged six and four, and though I love them dearly, they command a great deal of time. So, where exercise is concerned, I have to be creative about not only the where, but the when so that I don’t get stuck skipping or abandoning my plan altogether.

Over the years I’ve heard many experts say it’s best to work out in the morning, get that metabolism going, but most people tend to prefer the later part of the day because it works better for their schedule.  I used to subscribe to the latter for that very reason, but now I realize that the when doesn’t make a difference, particularly if the alternative is to do nothing at all.

Flexibility can be one of the most important elements of your exercise regimen, so don’t get too obsessive about doing it at a set time every day. Think about it, what happens when you can’t fit in a workout at the time you’ve set aside due to some other commitment? I’ll tell you what normally happens, most people end up skipping their routine altogether—and how is that a better option? 

I recognize that my life is one that has no true continuity in the sense that from day-to-day my familial and professional obligations can be different. Understanding that, I know that some days may see a morning workout while others may see an evening one, and that’s okay as long as I’m continuing to stick to a plan.

Don’t get me wrong, scheduling time is not a bad idea, particularly if you know what your schedule will, but if you don’t, you need to allow yourself the option of fitting in your routine when you can.

Flexibility is key, so keep your options open.


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