Dinner and a Movie: A Long Overdue Date Night

So it’s date night with the hubby tomorrow and I’m hoping to take great advantage of acting my own age for a few hours while the grandmother watches the kiddies. It’s a rare occasion the hubby and I get out and enjoy the world without the constant interruption of potty breaks, opinions on the world, or lot and lots of unnecessary noise just because it’s fun to be loud—love my babies, but their a bit like wound up jack-in-the boxes that keep popping up…long after you’ve stopping turning the crank.

That said, I’m trying to decide on a movie for us to see—”Friends With Benefits” and  “Captain America” have made the final cut for this week. The decision will be up to me totally as the hubby cannot be trusted to pick movies out ever.

I love my man dearly but he, seriously, could watch paint dry and be entertained—I’m not kidding. And it’s not that he’s easy to entertain, he’s just not real fussy about such things. He’ll go with the flow and figure there’s something interesting to be gleaned from just about anything you set your eyes upon. Me, on the other hand, I’m a bit more snobby where movies are concerned.

I’ve literally traversed the AFI Top 100 for movies I have not seen, and often look for obscure titles in the Indie section just because I don’t want to miss anything good. Oh, and don’t even get me started on music. I rarely bother listening to the radio because I’ve come to the conclusion that most anything worth listening too won’t find it’s way into the mainstream—ever.

That said, I still enjoy any opportunity I have to enjoy the hubby all to myself as the times are rare.

So, today can be considered a break from the norm (deep, brooding, posts about life or being healthy) in order to prepare to have a little fun with my man. Although, dinner will be tricky with my adhering so closely to my regimen. Well, there’s always salad!

Here’s a preview of both movies just for kicks. Happy Friday!

“Friends With Benefits”

“Captain America”


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