Sunday Soundcheck: Jill Scott Makes Me Happy

I’ve decided to try something new on the blog, and since my audience at this point is still trying to find me here at “Living Fit Mommy”, I can do so without too much hesitation.

So, here’s the plan, every Sunday I will introduce you to an artist who often makes it into my music rotation. I literally listen to any and everything—both with and without a parental advisory label—so a bit of every genre is likely to make it onto this site.

Jill Scott makes it into the inaugural post of “Sunday Soundcheck” because she is by far one of the most underrated, talented, and inspiring artists on the Neo-Soul scene today. I love her voice, her sensual delivery, and her attention to the subtle nuances within each lyric that helps to transform her music from simply song to ethereal experience.

I was first introduced to Jill in late 2000 when I heard “Love Rain” playing on the radio, that one song made me jet to the Blockbuster Music store (remember when Blockbuster actually sold music too?) and buy the CD. I never regretted that decision and I have been a die-hard fan ever since.

She recently released her fourth studio album “The Light Of The Sun”, an album that sounds like it was meant to played in a jazz lounge. It’s filled with Jill’s signature scatting and poetic verse, but it also has some of the sexiest beats this side of heaven.

Choosing one Jill Scott song to place here is difficult, as they are all wonderful, but here are two of my favorites—one old, one new.

“So Gone” from The Light of the Sun (2011)

“He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat) from Who Is Jill Scott? (Words and Sounds Vol. 1)

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