Blogging Mantra: I Write, Therefore I Am

“100s of Bloggers would spend 1000 of hours to be famous and millionaire, but not even one hour which would make their blog a million dollar worth.”-Divya Uttam

Maintaining a blog isn’t easy, don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. It’s a difficult task to generate fresh ideas, about engaging topics, on a daily basis.

However, in the three years I’ve been consistently maintaining a blog, I’ve managed to learn one very important lesson about what it takes to not give up on the venture altogether, want to know what that something is? Okay…here goes…read carefully…it’s…called…patience.

The reason many of us in the blogosphere often abandon our sites and stop blogging altogether is because we often come into the process for the wrong reasons. We approach it with dollar signs and dreams of retiring to Bora Bora from all the ad revenue we are sure to make from writing grandiose articles about topics no other blogger has ever broached with the same amount of class or ingenuity.

Listen, there are thousands of bloggers out there with a lot more time, resources, and money than many of us low bandwidth folks will ever be able to dole out on our freely hosted sites. So, when making the decision to start/maintain a blog, I only offer two pieces of true advice: be patient with the process and go easy on yourself.

If you go a few days without writing a post, don’t beat yourself up too bad, because while posting often is ideal, most of us have lives.

It’s unfair to think that your obligation to your readers is more important than that of a loved one who is depending on you daily. Even more, a blog isn’t supposed to feel like work unless you’re getting paid a salary to do it, so it’s better to wait for inspiration than publish insignificant fluff.

Be the genuine you that you want the world to know, and approach each post from a point of sincerity.  Yes, it’s that easy.

Most importantly, though, never forget to lend a helping hand to fellow bloggers whose sites you’ve come to appreciate by dropping them a mention or two every once and a while. For instance, I try to sneak in my beautiful friend Ally’s blog, Copacetic in Carolina, whenever I can because I think she’s doing a brilliant job plus, she’s always kind enough to check in on my sites regularly, and leave a kind and thoughtful word on many of the posts I write. In short, she’s pretty amazing, and if you’re not checking her out, you’re missing out. Trust me.

Or, how about you take a peek at what my little brother Adam is doing at Comedic Revival. He’s new to this whole blogging thing, but he’s doing a fine job so far.

And if I’m ever trying to find ideas on how to eat cheap, healthy and good, I know exactly where to go for all that and then some, but if that’s not enough,  The Daily Garnish is a must-click for all of my vegetarian-minded readers.

See how easy those shout-outs were? We bloggers have to stick together you know. 


One thought on “Blogging Mantra: I Write, Therefore I Am

  1. Ally Garner says:

    All i have to say is: WORD. Ha! Starting a blog is so easy – you think you have all these great ideas, that people will appreciate and you get excited about being part of a community. Then the hard part of writing posts come about. Like last week, i knew i should put out my regular Friday Five, but just didn't have it in me. You're right, sometimes you just have to take a break. I wonder how many blogs make it past the 3 year mark like you have? A lot of the blogs i was reading 3 years ago are now defunct, for all the reasons you mentioned. Hmmm. Great advice Kim – i'm bookmarking this for future writers' block & hair pulling episodes haha!And thank you so much for the sweet, undeserved, gracious comments, my friend 🙂


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