Sunday Soundcheck: Some Say I’ll Be Better Without You…

The first time I ever heard Adele was in my car, while on my way to the grocery. The song I heard came through in an unexpected fashion as it was playing on my local R&B station—not that Adele doesn’t have crossover appeal (the woman is brilliant in any genre), but most R&B stations usually press the pause button on such artists for fear of confusing their “listeners”—and I immediately turned up the radio and though I was at my stop already, I proceeded to listen until the end of the song.

Adele had drawn me in with her lyricism and harmony.

That very day, though I lived 30 minutes away from the nearest store, I made it a point to leave my house to go buy the “Adele 21” CD that same day. That’s right, she was far too to pluck from iTunes. I wanted her CD to be in my collection—it may sound silly, but these days I only purchase CD’s when I find an artist that I can’t imagine not being able to grab the music of no matter where I am.

One of the first things I often read about Adele is that she is much like the the late Amy Winehouse, but I am put off by that comparison in a major way because, though both women sing with the same unmistakeable British accent, they are very different in both their delivery and choice of music. 

Whereas Winehouse could be placed in the category of jazz mixed with a strong R&B influence, Adele creeps a little into every genre. She can at once be R&B (as on the lovely, haunting “He Won’t Go”—I’ll admit I thought of Joss Stone when I heard it initially), but then suddenly flip into country, as with the beautiful ballad “Don’t You Remember” (which kind of made me think of Bonnie Raitt).

Adele is suitable for all ears, all genres, and for all who just like listening to good music. She isn’t isolated to just one sound and you have to respect her for doing her thing so very well.

While it’s hard for me to find one song that I love, there are at least two that I felt I had to share if for no other reason than they were the first two to find themselves on perpetual repeat:

2 thoughts on “Sunday Soundcheck: Some Say I’ll Be Better Without You…

  1. Ally Garner says:

    I think we've discussed this before, but i'm a HUGE Adele fan. Have been for years. Jeff got us tickets to see her in concert for our 1st wedding anniversary back in June. I was over the moon excited! But 2 weeks before our concert she canceled her US tour because of laryngitis. I. Was. CRUSHED. I'm not a fan of the Winehouse comparisons either. Adele's soulfulness is so much smoother and frankly i think her music/writing is far superior. Have you seen this military cover of Adele's Rolling? Pretty dang impressive.


  2. I had not heard that cover, the young lady does a fine job, I must say. As a music fan, I have heard about Adele for years, but didn't give her the listen I meant to because there were so many comparisons to the late Amy Winehouse. While Winehouse made a big impression on many, I wasn't as taken in by her sound or her content as others, so I never gave Adele the notice. Once I actually heard her music, I was immediately a fan. I've been touting her greatness ever since. I hope she gets around to making up those tour dates soon as I know you would LOVE to see her in the very near future. Living in NC, are you familiar with a band called The Avett Brothers? My brother lives in Raleigh and he's told me nothing but great things about them as well.


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