Sunday Soundcheck: Welcome To The Real World She Said To Me…

John Mayer…how does one describe a guy who is quite possibly one of the biggest cads in the music scene today? His dishing of past loves in a Playboy article not long ago did not endear him to many—unless you’re a cad yourself—yet his talent as a musician and song writer is still impossible to deny.

Sigh. I can’t help myself when it comes to good ol’ Johnny. He caught me at “No Such Thing”, kissed my heart and “Daughters”, and made me lose my mind over “I Don’t Trust Myself”. I, personally, to this day believe that his Continuum album is one of the most brilliant pieces of musicianship ever produced and I feel quite certain that he will never top it no matter how hard he tries—Ms. Anniston [Jennifer] brought out the best in that young man, I must say.

So, for this Sunday Soundcheck, it’s all about John and the parts of him that make me smile: his guitar and his music.
Let me say it was hard just picking two cuts as “Why Georgia”, “3×5”, and “City Love” were all personal favorites from his “Room For Squares” album and as I said “Continuum” is one of those cd’s where you just push play and walk away. If you haven’t heard much of his stuff yet, maybe you should give it a spin.

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