A Lovely Blogger Award

Last week I was honored to receive the “One Lovely Blog Award” from fellow blogger and friend, Ally, over at Copacetic In Carolina. I was both honored and excited about the opportunity to receive such an award and am just now getting around to repaying the favor by not only saying ‘thank you’ to Ally via a link back, but also pointing out a few blogs also deserving of a little “love” in return.

Now, the rules of the award are quite simple:

1) Link back to the party who besotted you with said award.

2) Complete the form below.

3) Share 7 random things about yourself.

4) Award 15 bloggers this award and let them know you’ve awarded them.

Easy, right?

Well, lets dig in:


  • Name your favorite color: Lavender
  • Name your favorite song: There are so many, but I’m a big Otis Redding fan and “Cigarettes and Coffee” is right up there with “Sittin’ On The Dock of the Bay”
  • Name your favorite dessert: I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I’m a sucker for banana nut bread.
  • What ticks you off: Inconsiderate, ungrateful, and apathetic individuals. Oh, and people who use the self-checkout lane to buy a cart full of groceries—so rude. 
  • When you’re upset you: exercise or do yoga
  • Your favorite pet: don’t have one
  • Black or White: Black
  • Your biggest fear: not being around to watch my children grow
  • Best feature: Not sure.
  • Everyday attitude: Blessed
  • What is perfection: My little girl’s smile and my son’s heart.
  • Guilty pleasure: “House Hunters”, I have no idea why I get such a kick out of watching people look for their home.

 7 Random Things:

  • I don’t drink caffeine. 
  • I don’t like sweet potato pie or sweet tea—yes, I still consider myself Southern 😉
  • My husband and I met after I decided to stop and talk to the handsome fellow who had been waving at me on my way home everyday. It was upon my stopping that he let me in on the secret that he had purposely been placing himself in that particular area (he worked for the university at that time)—I often took the same route home everyday—just on the off chance that he might see me. 
  • I’m very sarcastic.
  • Although I now operate a blog site that is solely dedicated to the sport of college football, I didn’t follow the sport until I became a student at UGA in 1998. 
  • I went to undergraduate school in Iowa.
  • I’m pondering writing a book.

Okay, enough about me, on to the best part of this award—recognizing other great blogs:

    One thought on “A Lovely Blogger Award

    1. Ally Garner says:

      Yay!! The best part about these award posts is all the cute stories & finding out so much about all my Blog friends!Love Love Love "cigarettes and Coffee" – great song choice.Agreed on the checkout line hahaUm, your best feature Miss Kim is your rockin' petite body. No question! Your husband will back me up on this.I LOVE HOUSE HUNTERS!!!! I watch that show all the dang time!! And i don't know why i love it either haha.Okay so you were a student at UGA and never went to a game? How is that possible?I'm spending the rest of my night clicking on your bloggy links, btw. The names alone have me intrigued.Great post Kim – i love it!!


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